Thursday, May 19, 2011

Makisayaw na! Obando Fertility Festival 2011

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If you want to have a baby, you know where to go!

Disclaimer: Applicable only to WOMEN who have husbands/partners ;)
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The Obando Fertility Festival is a 3-day celebration in honor of Obando’s three patrons, San Pascual Baylon (May 16), Santa Calra de Asis (May 17), and Inmaculada Concepcion de Salambao (May 18). This 3-day festivity features novena masses, procession, and the Kasinolowan dance offered to the patrons.
Though the Obando Fertility Festival is known for childless couples, not all people dance for babies. Devotees dance to the patrons depending on their request. Ladies asking for a fiance/husband offer dance to San Pascual Baylon and gentlemen asking for a fiancee/wife offer their dance to Santa Clara de Asis. Inmaculada Concepcion de Salambao on the other hand is the patron of fishermen for a bountiful catch. However, the traditional Obando Festival is a dance offered by childless couples to Santa Clara de Asis.
Believe me when I say that you’ll be carried away by the crowd and eventually find yourself dancing with them! The Kasinolowan dance is very easy to learn. I cannot verbalize how it is done, but you’ll surely learn the steps.


Getting to Obando, Bulacan:
- The easiest way to Obando it via LRT
- Ride LRT 1 to Mounmento
- From Monumento, there are jeeps going to Obando
- From Monumento, travel time is around 30 mins depending on the traffic flow
- Fare is around P25-P30 (rate as of May 2011)
- Alight at the Obando Church (San Pascual Baylon Church)

Coverage Tips:
- Be early at the area during the Obando Fertility Fiesta
- The procession and dance will usually start around 8-9am (indefinite)
- Streets will be closed during the festival proper, thus vehicles won't be able to pass and you have to walk a long way
- Obando has narrow streets and will usually be crowded during the festival proper
- Be careful with your belongings, there are also mandurukots who'll take advantage of the fiesta
- The procession and dance will end around 12nn

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