Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Via Crucis (Ways of the Cross)

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During my stay in Marinduque, at the height of Moriones Festival, I was able to experience the Via Crucis or the Way of the Cross. This event happened on a Good Friday where it culminated at the Morion Arena.

Early morning, the Morions and other biblical characters converged at the arena where they waited patiently for the signal of the organizer. When the signal was up, the show started.

The Via Crucis started at the Morion Arena where Christ received His final verdict. The Morions with Christ roamed around the town, stopping at every station where a reenactment will took place. This activity lasted for 2 hours. Before noon, they were all back at the arena. For the finale, Christ was crucified and buried. 

This was indeed a great Lenten encounter for me. Aside from taking pictures, I learned a lot about Christ’s life.

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