Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Manaoag Pilgrimage

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Aside from festivals, another subject that I am most fascinated with are century old religious images. One of them is the image of Nuestra Señora del Santissimo Rosario de Manaoag or fondly known as Apo Baket by the Pangasinenses. The Manaoag Church is located at Manaoag, Pangasinan.

I couldn't trace back the day our family started visiting the Manaoag Church. All I could rememeber is that I was always excited to visit the church and to see the image. I always wanted to see the image up-close but the altar is too far and too high. It was until this year that I finally saw Her out of the high altar of the church. That opportunity happened during Her feast day.

Every third Wednesday after Easter Sunday is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag. The Manaoag Church is a popular sight amongst catholic Filipinos. The latter is the shrine and home of the century old image of Our Lady of Manaoag. Her head, hands, and the Child Jesus are made of ivory. The festivity features a 9-day novena and a solemn procession.

Other images will also be joining the procession of Our Lady. You will notice that all images are aged, but you surely would appreciate its beauty.

While you're still inside the church's compound, maybe you would like to visit its museum. You'll surely learn about the church's history. You'll also find loads of heritage stuff inside the museum.

Getting to Manaoag Church:
- For direct trip going to Manaoag, ride Dagupan Bus Line with bus terminal at EDSA Cubao, Quezon City. Alight at the Manaoag Church.
- You may opt to ride Victory Liners. Alight at Urdaneta City and ride a jeep going to Manaoag Church.
- Bus fare is around P300.

Coverage Tips:
- Inside the church, you cannot approach the image to take a close shot. Unless you are part of the entourage. However, the image's carozza isn't that far from the barricade. If you have zoom lenses, it's actually easy to take good shots.
- Best area to stay is at the right wing (facing the altar). That is where the image will pass when it's brought down from the altar. From the altar, the image will exit at the left wing goind to right wing where the carozza is located.
- You may also stay near the carozza (behind the fence) of the image.
- The image will be brought down from the altar hours before the procession, before the mass.
- Other antique images are also positioned along the stretch of the aile leading to the main door of the church.
- The procession usually starts around 5:00PM.
- Unlike the La Naval de Manila, the marshalls aren't that strict. You can take good shots, but be careful not to disrupt the solemn procession. Always be mindful of the solemn event so not to distract devotees and parishoners.
- You can also visit the Manaoag site for additional info,

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