Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vamos San Carlos! Pintaflores Festival 2010

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One of the merriest and colourful festivals I have ever attended!

San Carlos City is a small city in Negros Occidental. One can fly to Bacolod City and take a 5-hr. bus ride via Escalante or 2-hr. bus ride via Don Salvador Benedicto or fly to Cebu and take a 45-min ferry ride at Toledo.

As stated on the website of San Carlo City. “Pintaflores was born out of people’s search for cultural identity and tradition”. The word Pintaflores came from two words, “Pintados” which is the concept behind the Nabingkalan tattoo Festival and “Flores” which means flower in Spanish.

The city of San Carlos comes alive every November 05. The streets become a field of vibrant flower dancers. Using bright, colorful pigments, the dancers’ skins are painted with flower deigns. Their costumes are ethnic-inspired and their dance routines are very joyous and flamboyant. Each tribe contingents are equipped with talented music ensembles.

Early afternoon, the contingents converge at the city’s port. They wait for the signal to start and when the signal is up, music ensembles start to play the Pintaflores beat as dancers dance their way to the arena. You should never miss the beautiful festival queens who dance gracefully, and lead their tribes.

November 04, before the grand Pintaflores street dance and ritual competition day, town’s locals engage themselves with a religious celebration in honor of the town’s patron, San Carlos Borromeo. Masses are offered to be followed by a solemn procession.

You should experience the Pintaflores Festival of San Carlos City. You can never go wrong with this one!

Travel and Coverage Tips:
- Two ways to get to San Carlos City, by sea or land.
- By Land: You can fly to Bacolod first. From the airport, you can ride a van going to the Ceres Liner bus terminal (fare: P100-P150). You can choose a 5-hr bus ride via Escalante or 2 hr. bus ride via Don Salvador Benedicto, whichever is available (fare:P200-P300).
- By Sea: You can fly to Cebu and go to Toledo for a 45-min. ferry boat ride.
- San Carlos City is just a small town. You can roam around the city via pedicabs. You can either find accommodation in San Carlos or travel back to Bacolod after the festival.
- Always remember that the last trip to Bacolod City will be around 6PM-7PM.
- This festival doesn't require you to have a media/festival ID to take pictures. However, the arena will be full of people for the final showdown.
- The contingents usually converge at the town's port where the festival starting point will take place. Be there before lunch time to take pre photos.
- For more information, you can visit San Carlos Interactive bu clicking this link

Listen to the Pintaflores theme, press play!

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