Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Tale of Matukad Lagoon

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Our boatman climbed with us and showed us the hidden lagoon. We didn’t actually go down but we stayed on top for awhile to rest and to enjoy the view. The boatman then told us a tale about the lagoon. According to him that small body of water is mystical.

It was said that there used to be a pair of milkfish living in the lagoon. One day, a fisherman came and caught one milkfish for his family to eat. He then brought the fish home and cooked it for the family. After days, the entire family member died.

The tale is known among locals of Caramoan and was said to be a true story. Nowadays, the milkfish is still visible in the pond but no one dares to catch it. In fact, the boatman was pointing it to us, but unfortunately our eyes didn’t see it.

True or not, one thing remains constant – respect for Mother Earth!

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