Thursday, October 21, 2010

Side Trip: San Sebastian Cathedral

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Just in front of the city plaza is the San Sebastian Cathedral. The San Sebastian Cathedral is considered one of the most historical structures of Bacolod City. On the right side of the Cathedral lies the Bishops’ Palace and on the left side is the La Consolacion College.

The cathedral was made of coral stones from Guimaras while the wooden parts were made of hardwood cut in Paragua (Palawan). Some of the relics of the bishops and priests who served at the San Sebastian Cathedral were buried before the Cathedral’s main altar.

The cathedral was named after Bacolod’s patron saint, Saint Sebastian. 


  1. whats the meaning behind the spears struck in the body of saint sebastian?

  2. They are arrows. The Emperor attempted to execute him with a firing squad of archers. He survived but was later clubbed to death and his body thrown into the Great Sewer of Rome.


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