Monday, May 16, 2011

Pahiyas Festrival 2011

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Once again, I attended the Pahiyas Festival!

This year's festivity was celebrated on a Sunday. The crowd was really thick and more activities were line up not the mention the VERY HOT weather that will surely set you on fire, kidding! As always, houses wered covered with beautiful and colorful decors. Bazaars were abundant and pancit habhab and lucban longanissa were available everywhere (yum yum! :D).

This year, I was able to stay at one of the houses. I stayed at a friend's house and I just watch locals and tourists being amazed by the decors of Pahiyas Festival.

Some stuff I found to be really entertaining...
These two higantes (giants) are from Buddy's (the local resto). It's really funny to see these two playing pranks on kids. They would just stop on a spot like statues and when kids started to approach them, they will chase them away! They're so makulit!!! During the afternoon parade, they kissed each other! Hahaha!
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