Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nature Trip: Mt. Apo

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When I was in Davao, I made an impromptu trip to North Cotabato to see (just) the peak of Mt. Apo.

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Mt. Apo – I am always fascinated with nature’s myths. When I was still a kid, our Filipino teacher used to tell us alamat or legends about Maria Makiling, Bundok Banahaw, and the like. When I did my research about Mt. Apo, I found out that aside from being the highest peak in the Philippines, it has its own myth to share. They said that Mt. Apo is the home of the mountain God, Apo Sandawa. I really don’t have a comprehensive story about Apo Sandawa. I just want to believe that he is real and mystical.

From Davao City I took a 3 hr. bus ride to Kidapawan City of North Cotabato. I didn’t know that trekking my way to the foot of Mt. Apo was not that easy. From Kidapawan, the only way to the foot is to ride a habal-habal which I may add is not a safe ride. But what can I do, I am a daredevil. I took me an hour and a half to finally reach the foot. To my disappointment, the peak was already covered with clouds. I was able to see however the steam from Mt. Apo.

I took pictures of the place and headed back to the habal-habal driver whom I commissioned to bring me to the foot and back to Kidapawan City. As I approached him, he kept uttering words using his native dialect (he doesn’t know how to speak Tagalog) pointing to the sky. I looked back and to my surprised, the peak of Mt. Apo, standing tall! I was speechless…

I really don’t know how it happened but I was certain that Apo Sandawa has something to do with it.

Mystical or not, don’t deprive yourself of nature’s wonderful gifts. Go on a nature trip and spend quality time with Mother Earth!

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