Monday, November 8, 2010

My Unforgettable Encounter at Silay-Bacolod Intl’ Airport

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I left San Carlos City at around . I was afraid that I will miss the last trip going to Bacolod City and miss my flight back to Manila. The trip was rather long and tiring. Reaching Bacolod City at , my tummy was already rumbling. I decided to eat at Andok’s with also the intention of killing time. After eating a heavy meal, I took the bus going to Silay City and took the pedicab going to the airport.
I wanted to spend the night there while waiting for my flight.

Being a Manileño, I have always thought that an airport, regardless of the place, is open 24 hours. When I reached the airport at , I was shocked, it was still closed. The security wouldn’t allow me to enter and I have to spend the night outside and wait until .

Nature was mean, hungry mosquitoes swarmed around and taking turn sucking blood out of me. Nature struck again, my tummy ached and I had no other choice but to use an abandoned rest room just stone’s throw from the airport gates. The restroom was HELL! ><’

Finally, the airport gates welcomed me in. I was the first to checked in, but when I showed my e-ticket to the staff, he asked for the copy of the credit card used. Guess what, I didn’t bring one and they wouldn’t issue me my ticket. My charm didn't work and it was running late already. I tried my best calling my sister but she was still asleep. Tried calling mom, good God, she answered and woke my sister up. My sister in her groggy voice dictated the credit card no. Yay!

Finally got my ticket and I reached Manila safe and sound just to discover that my sister gave me the wrong credit card no! LOL! ><'

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