Sunday, November 7, 2010

Food Trip: Torta, Inihaw, Chorizzo Bilbao

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While strolling around the streets of San Carlos City, one of the street kiosks caught my attention. There was a pile of medium cupcake-shaped metal tins. Just beside the pile was an improvised oven made of layers of metal trays heated by charcoals and dilapidated woods. When I asked the vendor of her panindas, “torta po”, she said.

Out of fascination, I watched her bake the torta. She poured the batter mixture into the cupcake moulds, and placed them inside the oven. In less than 10 mins, she got the moulds out, brushed each top with margarine, and put the pastry (facing down) over a pond of white sugar. For just P5, I bought myself a piece.

Upon biting into this street pastry, I was amazed by its taste! The soft rubbery texture of the pastry made it chewy and the burnt sides made a little crisp. Topped with margarine and sugar, the combination simply melts inside your mouth. 

For dinner, just across my hotel was a stretch of grilled stuff. Poultry products were actually cheap here. Prices range from P10-P45. For rice, they sell puso (hanging rice) for P2 each.

Before finally leaving for Bacolod City, I went to the town’s market searching for some pasalubong for mom. Look what I found, Chorizo Bilbao! These dried sausages are really tasty. Boil these in water first. The sausages will produce its oil. Let the water evaporate and cook using its oil.

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