Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Food Trip: Luz Kinilaw

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Now I know why tuna became endangered hahahaha I'M GUILTY!!! :))

Your Davao trip won’t be complete without experiencing the popular Kinilaw. Luz Kinilaw is known for their tuna kinilaw. Kinilaw, which means “cook”, is a dish with raw shrimp or thin slices of fish, cooked in vinegar and topped with ginger, minced onions and garlic, chilli, and dashes of salt and pepper. In Luz Kinilaw, fresh tuna is the primary ingredient of their tasty kinillaw. This dish is not for those who have sensitive tummy.

Luz Kinilaw does not limit their products to just kinilaw. It also has vast choices of grilled seafood like tuna belly, tuna gonads, tuna eggs, tuna panga (jaw), lumot (big squid), and other grilled poultry products. This establishment does not offer spoon and fork so you going to have to use your hands.

Though the interior of the place is not that enticing, like a karinderya (Trivia: Luz Kinilaw is around 40 years old), eating at Luz Kinilaw was an experience I will never forget! You should really try dining here when you're in Davao.

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