Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Food Trip: Inasal, Talaba, Batchoy, Napoleones, and the Calea Chocolate Cake

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While you’re in Bacolod, you shouldn’t miss food tripping with family and friends. Foods in Bacolod are quite unique and delighting. With the wide array of local and delicious delicacies, you will never consider gluttony as a sin!

Let’s start with the most authentic delicacy, the CHICKEN INASAL, bok bok bok! Just across SM Bacolod at Rizal the Manokan Country. Yes, you heard me right! The entire area is allotted for different concessionaires of the famous Inasal. Each of them has their own unique taste. Some are a little tangy, while others garlicky. But regardless of the different tastes, they all taste like chicken! hehehe Tasty chicken!

Though really an authentic dish of La Paz, Iloilo, the batchoy (or popularly known as the La Paz Batchoy) is considered one of the favorites of the Ilonggos in the Visayas. The batchoy is a noodle soup with pork liver, pork meat, chicken breast, and shrimp in pork or beef stock. Topped with crushed chicharon (pork rinds) and crispy garlic bits, who would resist such tasty treat? I won’t! Try this tasty dish at Deco's or Ted's!

If i want to die of diabetes, I will surely go and live at Negros. At least I will die happy hahaha!

Negors Occidental, being the sugar capital of the Philippines, is known for tasty sweet treats. One of the most popular is the Napoleones. The Napoleones is (usually) a square pastry, texture resembling to a croissant, filled with custard, and topped with white sugar glaze. Biting into the Napoleones, you can feel the gentle crisp of the pastry followed by the oozing creamy custard. For the final feel is the melting sugar inside your mouth. *drooling* Such a sensational encounter. A must try at Pendy's! A piece is worth P10.

Just when you think the diabetic encounter is over, it isn’t yet! Just adjacent to the L’Fisher Hotel along

Lacson Street is Calea. Known for their sinfully delicious chocolate cakes, you can never go wrong with this! A slice will surely give you a heavenly taste of half an inch caramel filling sandwiched between rich chocolate fudgies. Yum yum! Calea offers balik-bayan boxes for those who would like to bring home one. The whole cake worth P700+ and the the balik-bayan box is worth P50. 

Indulge yourself and don't hold back. Always remember, this food trippin' doesn't happen all the time! 

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