Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Caramoan Travel Tips

I made a separate posting about Caramoan travel tips to provide readers detailed tips for the travel. So here goes:

Getting to Caramoan:
- The nearest point to Caramoan is Naga
- There are two ways to get to Naga: via Air or Land
- Major airlines (Cebu Pacific, Airphil Express, and Philippine Airlines) offer flights going to Naga
- There are also buses going to Naga (Cagsawa Bus Tours and Pantranco), travel time will be around 9 hours, fare will be P750-P800 (rate as of May 2011)
- From Naga, you need to to get to Sabang. We rode a taxi, fixed rate is P1,000 (negotiated from P2000)
- Travel time from the Airport to Sabang  is around 45mins - 1hr
- From Sabang, you need to ride a boat going to Caramoan
- The usual boat fare is P120/pax, but the time and availability is indefinite
- We opted to rent a private bangka (boat), cost us P2,500
- Travel time from Sabang to Caramoan Centro is around 2 hours
- Since we opted to get accommodation at the beach front, we need to ride another bangka which cost us P800

Island Hopping, Accommodation. and Food:
- Our bangkero (boatman) made a package, 1st day (nearby islands) and 2nd day (far flung long beaches) for P3,600
- Where we stayed, Rex Inn P1,000/night
- Rooms good for 3-4 people
- For our food, we gave the caretaker money to buy food at the market
- You can request, we requested for fresh seafood and meat
- They'll cook your food
- On our way back from Caramoan beach front (where we stayed) to Centro, our bangkero charged us P1,500
- From Caramoan Centro back to Sabang, you can ride a boat for P120/pax, but again, the time and availability is indefinite
- You can also rent a private boat that will cost you around P2,500 (negotiable)
- From Sabang to Naga, we rode a taxi, P1,000

Other Tips:
- If your're going to stay at the beach front, be sure to buy all necessities at the Centro
- There are NO major food establishments or convenience store at the beach front
- Pls. include in your budget land travels (tricycle) from one point to another (e.g. Centro to the pier and back)
- To maximize time, you have to start your day early
- Unlike Bora, there are no light posts outside the beach front during the night, thus you have to be home before dark
- At the Centro however, there are lights but basically it's just a town. Don't expect a night life
- Caramoan is for NATURE TRIPPING

*Prices are really expensive esp. boat rides. You must know how to bargain! If you were able to bargain at a low price, don't let go! For example, we were able to bargain the taxi for P1000 form the original P2000. What we did, we also got him on or way back to Naga and the same principle applies with our bangkero :) If you're going to travel in one big group (we were 5 when we went to Caramoan), then these prices our very reasonable if divided equally. Do the math! ;)

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