Monday, May 30, 2011

Caramoan Getaway!

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I would name this trip, “The Post Chedeng Trip”.

At the height of typhoon Chedeng, we (my sister and her friend) were down on our knees praying for the heavy rains to stop, but it wouldn’t. Early morning touchdown at the Naga Airport and rain continued to pour. We took a cab going to the sabang where we will be riding a boat going to Caramoan Centro. We spent 3 hours on waters, struggling with the waves. We got scared at first but when we reached the pier, the smiling sun welcomed us. HELLOOO! Where’s the freaking rain?! Hahaha!
A 20-30 mins trike ride brought us to another pier where we will be riding a boat going to the beach front of the resort.

The sights were amazing! The turquoise sea water was calming to the eyes and the milestones stood like guardians of the sea.

We spent 3 days at Caramoan doing island hopping. Unlike Boracay, Caramoan islands are intended for nature tripping and island hoping. There are NO major establishments in the island. I would use the word ‘Basic’ for the lifestyle.

Day 1 was allotted for nearby islands, day 2 for far flung long beaches, and day 3 for the centro tour.

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