Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Caramoan Getaway Day 3

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Day 3 is “Goodbye Caramoan Day!” so sad. Left our resort at and off to the Centro. We made a few stopovers to buy souvenirs, but the main highlight of the day is the St. Michael the Archangel Church.
For more photos of my Caramoan Day 3 encounter, visit my Facebook album by clicking this link Caramoan Getaway Day 3.

The St. Michael the Archangel Church is an old church built in 1619 by the Franciscans. Similar to the Tumauini Church of Tumauini, Cagayan, the latter is also made of bricks. The ceiling is very interesting for it is made of unpainted plywood.
Just when you think the wonderful encounters are over, not yet!

The crowd at the port going to Naga was really thick. It’s impossible for us to get a ride back so we decided to rent a private bangka. It was really sunny and the boatman doesn’t want to set the tent up and my eyes are squinting big time! When I finally had the chance to open my eyes widely, this is what I saw.

The silhouette of Mt. Mayon
Goodbye Caramoan! See you soon! :P

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