Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Caramoan Getaway Day 1

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Day 1 was allotted for nearby islands approx. 15-30 mins from our resort. We were able to visit 3 islands and spent a really good time! I couldn’t remember the other island we went to but the remarkable one was the Matukad Island and Gota.

White sands and blue waters are actually common features among Caramoan Islands. In Matukad Island however, a hidden paradise is yet to be discovered by the daredevils.

These are just wonderful rock formations in the eyes of many, but do you even bother to know what lies behind…
After a strenuous rock climbing, this is what lies behind…

A hidden garden…there’s a mystical tale about the Matukad Lagoon that was shared to us by our boatman. All of Caramoan knew about this tale.

Amazing huh! The rocks look really sharp and pointy but they’re really smooth. Just be careful climbing the rocks.

Our 2nd stop was a small island with a small cave. We didn’t stay long in this island, however, we were able to enter the cave. Inside the cave you can see stalactite formations – a really rare sight.
Also, inside the cave you can see a small opening that will lead to the other side. Try to take a look at the shape of the opening – seemingly a fetus inside a mother’s womb.
Our last stop was Gota Island. The island we went to was quite peaceful. Just in front of us was a private resort. We spent a really relaxing moment. Just the right way to end the day ;)
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