Friday, April 30, 2010

About Bak-Paker

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Bak-paker is a blog that focuses on cultural celebrations and travels. The term "Bak-paker" is copied and modified from the English word backpacker which means to hike with a backpack, according to Merriam-Webster online. Nowadays, the definition of backpacker has evolved. It simply means someone who engages in an independent travel.

I have been backpacking for the past 2 years and cultural celebrations are what I am most fascinated of. I have a handful of stories to share with the intention of providing information of different cultural happenings in the Philippines. The latter is also intended to uplift cultural appreciation among readers.

I am always fond of the culture and arts and we Filipinos are very rich with such. We are always thirsty of cultural identity that was later translated to cultural celebrations or simply known as fiestas. The latter isn’t just about street dances, colorful costumes, and festive drumbeats - it’s about rediscovering cultures and traditions.

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